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Junior Mini Saloons
Sponsored by TBR Race Engines & Queenswood Service Station

1st - IK55 Bradley Thomas
2nd - S82Y Aaron Mullen
3rd - SC10 Frankie Dunmow

Junior Modern Saloons
Sponsored by I Love Lucy's & Orchard Joinery Race Team

1st - S222Y Ash Wrigglesworth
2nd - SC24 Ollie Hall
3rd - SC227 Chris Hall

Junior Specials
Sponsored by Barker Team Racing & Connistons Bill Garage

1st - Y50 Jack Broughton
2nd - T592 Emily Richardson
3rd - T492 Mollie Richardson

Junior Champ of Champs (Featuring all the above)
Sponsored by Turbo Tash Racing

Winner - IK55 Bradley Thomas

Best turned out Junior car - IK55 Bradley Thomas